Paystack Payment Failed?

Paystack is a Payment Gateway. Payment Gateway is software and servers that transmit Transaction information to acquiring Banks and responses from Issuing Banks. At the same time, is involved and all transactions on our site using WebPay service reflects to the our site records to update invoices for services to purchase, register, renewal and all dues.

We have certainty that the system is working correctly and we may have an error updating invoices on our site, due to network or any other technical issue. The transaction will be successful and invoice remain pending, or have not received invoice payment alert.

For successful transaction that have no update on invoice, or have received invoice payment alert and order is still or overdue. then you have to forward the transaction details, the transaction id, amount paid and date of transaction to our support team.

Note that only transaction details is stored not your card details as the transaction is moved to the Interswitch and redirect back to our site to continue the operation.

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