A brief look into the Webmail packages offered

We provide you with the ability to not just have an email address, but we also provide three different web-based clients you can check them with! The benefit of web mail is that you may check your e-mail when you are on the road or just don't feel like using a client on your computer like Outlook Express. To access your web mail, please use the following address:


Horde is a fully functional web mail client with a few extra bells and whistles. Along with all of the standard web mail functions it also provides the user, it also provides:
Memos - A place to write quick notes to yourself.
Calendar - Displays a calendar who's dates you can edit with your own special events and/or meetings.
Tasks - A personal to do list for yourself, to help you stay organized.
NeoMail is for those users out here who wants their web mail client to do nothing but check their e-mail. The features are straight and to the point. It's worth noting that you can only use plain text e-mails in NeoMail, no HTML code.
Squirrel Mail
Squirrel Mail is a good balance between both of NeoMail and Horde in features and accessibility. All of the buttons and text within are pretty self-explanatory on what they are suppose to do.

All three provide great web-based email services for your email accounts. All you need to do is login with your username and password and you're good to go.

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