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Web hosting, an online service, enables you to publish your website or web application with a range of plans. Signing up for a web hosting service provides you with a physical server to store all the files and data necessary for your website. The web host is responsible for keeping the server up and running, as well as protected from malicious attacks. Also, it assists in transferring your content, including text, images, files, etc.

When you're deciding to pick the best web hosting services to start a new website, find a web hosting provider that will offer a range of benefits.  Here, you will explore the points you need to note before investing in web hosting services.

  1. Data center

For each data center hosting client, the web hosting service provider can allocate separate data center resources or use a shared infrastructure. The client gets the opportunity to access the data center and all resources from the Internet. Also, the support will be available through a secure network connection. http://mydot.ng/ offers a full gamut of services providing fast and secure access to data.

  1. Backup server

The backup server is an essential aspect that requires consideration with the choice of the best web hosting provider. Mydot.ng serves as an offsite backup hosting provider offering the Continuous Data Protection (CDP) solution to let server data get stored on offsite servers. Recover data from the offsite servers with the hosting service provider. Premium web hosting control panels like Plesk provide you with the necessary facilities for backing up the web hosting accounts to a remote location with just a few clicks.

  1. Antivirus

A good web hosting service by mydot.ng provides certain levels of security with hosting your data. Also, there is enough protection for businesses’ sensitive data and payment information. Also, antivirus protection is applicable to the payment data. Activate antivirus support on email accounts in the hosting plan. Enterprise-grade firewall solutions protect data from spam, viruses, ransomware, and spyware.

  1. CPanel/Plesk paid plans

There's a need for choosing the web hosting provider that excels with paid plans. Plesk, a per-server license with pricing options, offers multiple editions licensed by numerous domains per such server. Web Hosting plans available include 24/7 security monitoring as well as DDoS protection. What makes it applicable is the Flexible, easy-to-use control panel. Unlimited web hosting plans packed with unlimited SSD disk space meet your website needs. Unlimited paid domain hosting plans offers greater convenience.

  1. Support team

For support-related matters, you can contact the support team of the web hosting provider. In this regard, mydot.ng serves as the best Web Hosting. You can get advanced 24x7 on-demand expert support for server setup, security, website migration, customization,  third-party application installations, proactive monitoring.

  1. Reliability

Counting on Web Hosting Reliability turns out to be one the most basic aspects that need considering while choosing a web hosting provider. Ensure that you're looking for a reliable web host offering the features like Server monitoring and security, 24/7/365 LIVE technical support, Daily site backups, High guaranteed uptime of service and has a reputation in the industry.

  1. Plan up-gradation option

Always look for the web hosting provider that allows you to upgrade to premium or unlimited. Also, you can look for the ones with the better CPU/RAM usages. The premium web hosting products and packages are optimized for your needs. The assistive technology of mydot.ng offers unmetered disk space, stores all files, assets, and databases.

So, whenever it comes to launching a website, you must note the basic web hosting aspects mentioned above before starting to invest. What makes Mydot the best is that it is easy to sign up and use a provider's supplied website-building software. So, go through the plans today and choose one of the best plans.

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