How to Update Nameservers from the Client Area

A domain name cannot be registered without a valid nameservers, you can assign nameservers when you are placing order for domain registration only. The system assigns a nameservers automatic if you are buying a full package here of hosting and domain.

For resellers and those that have a hosting somewhere, you can assign your nameservers or update a new nameservers from your client area here.

The process is instructed bellow:

Login to the Client Area > Domains >> My Domains >>> Tick the box to select any Domain you want to edit it nameservers >>>> Scroll down ward to have WITH SELECTED, click to have option menu, choose Manage Nameservers >>>>>

You have two columns of nameservers with the existing nameservers, delete and type the new nameservers.

Note that you can select as many domains as you wish if you want to update nameservers for multiple domains at the same time.

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