Tips, Advice, and Suggestions for Succesful WordPress Hosting

1. Keep it light by avoiding plugins and deleting unused plugins and themes.

2. Use a content delivery network and enable caching on a CDN

3. Get your load times down by keeping the site clean and optimizing images.

4. Host on an SSD drive for faster Io operations.

5. Go for quality over quantity and have at least 7-8 posts ready to go each week.

6. Choose a host with great speeds and Install the Google Page Speed extension.

7. Update jQuery and other scripts regularly.

8. Use adaptive front-end designs.

10. Minimize redirects and plugins.

11. Don't use Flash (including Flash ads).

Hopefully, Mydot helps you fulfill all your business requirements and make a more informed decision. In the end, which WordPress host you choose is going to depend on a wide variety of factors. To be sure, there is no right answer. Each host has its strengths and weaknesses, and your needs will vary from business to business!

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