How to Handle the Google Attack Page

When you see the dreaded Google attack site warning, you should immediately email Be sure to include your domain name because we will need to locate the virus that caused the issue and take steps to clean and secure your account.

Note: This warning will only happen in Firefox because Mozilla has a relationship with Google. Google cannot actually change your website. They can only give you a warning that they detected possibly malicious scripts on your site. You will need to get your account cleaned and secured before Google will remove the warning page.

Once the account has been cleaned and secured, please request a delisting through your Google Webmaster account. This is not something that Mydot.NG can do for you. The excerpt below was copied from Google and gives you step by step instructions to request a delisting.

From Google's Website:

Once you have reviewed your site and are sure it is clean, you can submit a request for review. Note, you will need to verify site ownership before you can request a site review.

Sign in to Webmaster Tools with your Google account.

On the Dashboard, select the site you want.

On the Overview page, click Request a review and follow the instructions.

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