Website Redirection

Website Redirection simply means to let your website lead visitors to a different website, server or host. You can redirect a website in different ways. You can also use cPanel redirection, forwarding, http redirection or such to move your domain or site to another domain or url.

To redirect a hosting using a cpanel, you have to login to the cpanel, under domain segment, then click on redirects icon.

The redirection page apear with options like Types, https?://(www.)?, on the upper part.

You can select the url to redirct or select **All Public Domains** to redirect the whole site.

Redirects to: is the new destination, where the site or the url should be redirected to.

www. redirection: is having different options bellow:

Only redirect with www.

Redirect with or without www.

Do Not Redirect www.

The recommended option is Redirect with or without www.

Note that this can be set to suit your need.

Then add button.

You are successfully added a redirection and can be deleted form the same page using the delete key by the right side of the added redirection records.

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