Why my IP blocked

Our servers are setup to protect themselves if they perceive a threat by blocking the IP. There are many things which can trigger a block on your server including:

Entering the wrong username or password multiple times within 5 minutes when logging into the control panel, email, or a password protected area on the website.

Opening too many connections to the server at one time. For FTP, we recommend setting you FTP program to open no more than 2-5 connections at a time. For email, please set your email client to check email no more often than 5-10 minutes apart. If multiple computers are checking email, please stagger the times they are checking so they are not all trying to check email at the exact same time.

Several disconnects and reconnects in a short period of time may cause it.

More than 5 of the temporary blocks in a 24 hour period.

We may in extreme situations manually block a range of IP addresses we see attacking the server.

You can tell us you are blocked if you cannot access your website, Cpanel, FTP, or email on a Cpanel server. On Plesk server, you will either not be able to access your website and FTP or you will not be able to access email (which runs on a separate server).

If you cannot access the website, try accessing the domain(s) using https://www.proxysite.com/ or http://www.megaproxy.com/freesurf/ they are proxy websites that byepass the IP so you can be able to view your website from them.

To get your IP unblocked, please contact us by opening a support ticket at  ticket@mydot.ng and provide the IP to unblock which you can see by browsing http://whatismyipaddress.com/ or http://whatismyip.com from the blocked computer.

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