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CDN Solutions
Optimum content delivery globally

MydotNG offers future-driven optimized CDN solutions that deliver content securely with the fastest speed to your end-users 24/7, 365 days devoid of a bottleneck. Reliability is an unbargainable feature that guarantees the global delivery of your content across platforms which include but are not limited to website/mobile applications, APIs, Modules, and Media.

Our bespoke and intuitive CDN Solutions consist of tools that let you optimize your content delivery irrespective of the size, type, or where it is needed. We deliver seamless customer experience.

Features of Our CDN Solution
Secured Contents

With our content protection features like SSL, DDoS attack mitigation, one-on-one mornitoring measures and more, theft and malicious activity are almost impossible.


We provide you with intuitive analytical dashboard in which all your content sage and displayed and can be used for analytical decisions.

Global Connectivity

Our global connectivity feature allows your users to access your content easily whereever they are across the globe.

High-Speed Performance

Irrespective of the size of your content or the location of the end-users, contents get delivered to them with the speed of light.

Visitors Log

From your dashboard, you can see the analysis of your content users, location, content used, when and more.

Unlimited Possibilities

Our CDN features are unlimited. From regular to customised feature, we make things possible. content seamless delivery is not bargainable.

CDN Solution
40,950/month Features

1 Tb Traffic

File Downloads

Access Control

Cache Control

List Redirections

CORS Headers



Certificate Services

Traffic Monitoring

Traffic Usage

Viewers Logs

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